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Don’t Mess With Mama Tee

The perfect gift for the sassy matriarch in the family! A fitted look, comfy softest cotton, and cream because who can keep white clean?

Bamboobies YOGA Nursing Brahhhhh

. . . because nursing bras don’t have to be uncomfortable! Racerback for no-slip straps, and the oh-so-soft bamboo fabric for those so sensitive areas!

The Oyster’s Pearl Mama In the Making Tee

Fitted tee to flaunt that bump! Motherhood begins long before baby is in arms, so pamper your mama in the making with a comfy tee this mother’s day!

Maya Wrap Ring Sling

The gift of a hand-free meal is what that mama in your life will really be getting! Did we mention she can nurse in this? ‘Nuff Said.

CheekyWell Unhurry Bath Bomb

Not just any bath, the BEST bath of her life. These CBD infused bombs will relax and decompress all those tense mama muscles for a the most peaceful experience!

Texas Medicinals Mama Calm Tincture

An On-The-Go Spritz to relieve anxiety and nerves without drowsiness or fatigue. Natural, Local, Organic- of course!

Cat & Dogma Organic Mama Robe

Its lite litt things; this robe has the perfect sleeve lengths (can still wash hands!) and a sewn in closure strap (won’t get lost in the dryer) + plenty of fabric to surround even a belly carrying multiples!

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Newly pregnant and gagging at every smell- change it up while offering up the incredible benefits of aromatherapy!

Dirty Diapers and Spit Up stankin’ the place up? the gift that keeps on giving- nasty smells eliminated without chemicals!

Lavendar Essential Oil

Pair with the diffuser above and voila! sleepy baby, fresh smelling room = happy mama!

CheekyWell Unwind Massage Oil

A CBD massage oil (you’ll both benefit from, I promise) to soothe out those tense nursing shoulders and neck strain! Natural, Local and Organic, of course!

Life with Baby Postpartum Support Book

For the new or expecting mama, hand them a plan fo support and well being during the sensitive postpartum time.

Pat on the Back Parent’s Affirmation Board Book

A sweet memento for the nightly reading ritual, to remind that sweet mama of all that is right. Written right here in Austin!

Go the extra mile this year . . .

Show that mama in your life that you see her. You know where she is in this journey and she is worth more than any old stuffed animal, chocolate box or rose- they can’t touch this! Because your a pro- you came to Enlightened Baby and you know that we know moms! Did we mention we gift wrap complimentary? Done and Done!