A Kids Book About Identity by Taboo


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For Ages 5+

This book seeks to help kids identify themselves and understand all the things that can make up someone’s identity.


What’s Inside

Your identity can be a lot of things: your heritage, gender, hometown, school, faith, or even what you’ve been through. The awesome thing is nobody is just one thing! Your identity can grow and change as you do! This book explores all the different parts of identity: who you are, what you love, and what’s true about you.



About The Author

Jimmy Gomez—or better known as Taboo Nawasha—is a husband, father, cancer survivor, MC, performer, writer, creator, and Indigenous activist. He also has an amazing day job as one of the founding members of the award-winning music group, the Black Eyed Peas. While Tab loves making music, his goal is to leave a legacy his kids will be proud of.


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