Airfort Starry Night


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Looking for a bright way to add some sparkle to your child’s play? The Starry Night AirFort will have you feeling like your laying under the stars at any time of day. With our classic AirFort structure, you can host a stargazing party for all of your little ones!

* All the fun of stargazing, from the comfort of your own home!

* Forget the spaceship, we’re bringing the galaxy to you!

* Out-of-this-world fun in just seconds!


Because Kids Love Making Forts!

The AirFort® is the only inflatable instant play fort. It’s safe, durable, breathable and sets up in seconds. All you need is a standard box fan and you’re all set for hours of family fun!


Just add air!


Perfect for Kids and Families

The AirFort® is the best new addition to every play-date, movie night and slumber party. It’s the toy kids use to play with all of their other toys!


Quick, Safe and Mess-Free

AirFort® inflates in less than 30 seconds. Simply attach your AirFort® to any standard box fan and you’re ready to go! Sets up in seconds and encourages play for hours!

At just 1.5 lbs, AirFort® is packable and easy to store. When it’s time to clean up, just stuff AirFort® into its matching carry bag and it’s ready for the next day of fun!


No Floor for Easy Entry & Exit

The AIR FORT magically hovers just above the ground which allows for easy entry and exit by simply lifting any edge of the fort. The no-floor design is what makes the AIR FORT so unique.

The AIR FORT includes a large viewing window allowing kids to see out and adults to see in. The lightweight material is more breathable than a bed sheet and Child Safety Tested & Approved!


How AirFort Works


Simply attach your AirFort® to any standard box fan and you’re ready to go! Sets up in seconds, encourages play for hours!



The Perfect Alternative to Screen Time


Great for Parties, Playdates & Sleepovers!


Safe, Worry-Free Forts For Kids Of All Ages!


12" l x 10" w x 2.3"