Avanchy Stainless Steel Baby 1 Fork, 1 Spoon (Black)


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We've designed Avanchy Stainless Steel Baby Forks and Stainless Steel Baby Spoons to be gentle, beautiful, and convenient. Each nontoxic stainless steel utensil has a short, wide shape and a soft handle, which work well for both assisted feeding and self-feeding. The fork's carefully engineered tines are sharp enough to pierce more grown-up foods yet rounded just enough to prevent painful pokes. And the spoon's bowl holds just the right amount of food for your growing, hungry bundle of joy.

Dimensions: 5" l x 1.5" w

Weight: 0.1 lb



Our goal at Avanchy is to provide families with sustainable baby dishes to match their environmentally aware lifestyle. Our collection includes baby bowls, baby plates, baby spoons, and baby forks, all designed with practicality and safety in mind. Made from organic bamboo and food-grade stainless steel with silicone, they are non-toxic, earth-friendly, BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate-free. They are perfect for daily use and do not harm your baby’s sensitive skin.We've designed our baby feeding bowls and plates with an innovative Airtight-Lock mechanism with a suction cup. When pressed onto a hard surface, the suction cup stays in place, reducing spills and making mealtime considerably less messy and stressful for parents. The forks and spoons are also made from organic bamboo and the tip is silicone, so your children can safely eat and play with them without hurting their gums.We are committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, which is why we have designed the entire Avanchy range to be used after your child grows up. The silicone Airtight-Lock mechanism can be removed, and the bowls and plates can be used without them, at home or on the go.