Bigjigs Toys Rainbow Sensory Shapes


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Somewhere over the rainbow… are these fantastic colourful sensory shapes! Stack, balance and build with this fun sensory toy. Captivate your little one’s imagination as light passes through the different coloured windows. The variety of shapes helps create an open-ended play, where the only limit is your tots’ imagination. Take these baby sensory toys outside or near a window to explore shadows and colours as the light passes through each shape. These rainbow shapes come with little beads inside to stimulate little eyes and ears. These are best used in the outdoor sunshine or near a window for optimum lighting effects. Made from responsibly sourced, high-quality materials and conforms to current European safety standards. Rainbow Sensory Shapes product features: Colourful sensory toys 3cm L x 12cm H x 14cm W Made from ethically sourced materials


• Made in Indonesia


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