Coco Village Wooden Pots and Pans Playset (6 Pcs)


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Our Wooden Pots and Pans Playset includes 2 kitchen utensils (a spatula and a large spoon), one pot, one pan and their respective lids. The essentials for all our young cooks! Let your little ones invent the craziest meals straight out of their imagination. An omelet with pencils? Gravel oatmeal? Why not! Either way, imaginary meals are always delicious!

Children don't play to learn, but they learn the most by playing! Imitation or "behaving like the grown-ups" is part of the learning process and they all love to do like their parents!



LENGTH10.8"27.5 cm
WIDTH6.9"17.5 cm
DEPTH2.6"6.5 cm



Great for kids starting at 3 years old

Made of wood

Exclusive design

ASTM F963-17 certified. This product meets all current standards for chemical components and safety in objects intended for child use



Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. Wipe away any mess with mild soap and a wet cloth. Children should always be supervised while playing. Please keep an eye on your child during playtime to ensure safety and proper use of this product.


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