Élhée Baby Bottle (5oz)



The 150 ml bottles are supplied with a one-size-fits-all nipple (0-24 months), ideal for infant milk or water. Designed in pure silicone, of next-generation medical grade, Élhea bottles do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS) or other substances that could harm the health of babies. Its unique and patented closure system excludes any risk of milk and its nutrients coming into contact with materials other than those of the silicone bottle and pacifier (Zero contact with plastic). DESCRIPTION • Nipple: physiological and anti-colic extra-soft, with a standard wide neck (interchangeable). • Ergonomic design: semi-rigid bottle for a perfect grip • Easy maintenance: baby bottle compatible with the use of the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, sterilizer and bottle warmers (Maternity by Bébé Confort and Baby Milk Second by Béaba)

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Made in France

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Blue Grey, Ivy Green, Oats, Sand, Blossom, Milk