FridaMom Instant Heat Breast Warmers


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There’s nothing more frustrating (or painful) than stubborn milk that just won’t release. Instant Heat Breast Warmers are hands-free, reusable click-to-heat packs that warm your boobs to help speed up let-down and loosen blockages + clogged ducts. Use before or after nursing and while pumping to milk it for all it’s worth.

  • • CLICK-TO-HEAT RELIEF: Instant heat in 3 seconds that speeds up let-down and relieves clogged ducts – no microwave needed – super convenient.
  • • 4 HEAT PACKS – 2 SMALL + 2 LARGE: Small pack for targeted areas + on-the-go; Large packs for before + after nursing or pumping.
  • • REUSABLE PACKS: Simply drop in boiling water to reactivate – up to 30 times. Heat lasts up to 20 minutes for each use.
  • • PUMP IT UP: Compatible with most breast pumps – use both small + large packs together while pumping to encourage milk let-down and reduce swelling
  • • DESIGNED WITH MOMS IN MIND: Flexible fit, non-toxic, BPA- + BPS-free
  • • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 2 sets (4 heat packs) + 1 storage bag