Lesser Evil Lil’ Puff Multipack


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Introducing our snack size bags featuring our best selling flavors, Veggie blend (4) + Strawberry beet (4). Sneak in nutrients to the pickiest toddler with snacks that are clean as can be and made from organic fruits and veggies.

Your toddler is ready to try Lil’ Puffs when he or she:
Stands alone
Feeds self with fingers
Bites through a variety of textures

The product should only be feed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods.
Package is not intended as a toy.

*Packaging may vary



We live in a world full of distractions. We can’t change that, but we can all find ways to slow down and savor the little moments. It’s the small things in life, like sharing stories, smiles, laughter, or even snacks, that make us happiest. At LesserEvil, we believe that just a few simple acts can make a big difference. By sourcing organic ingredients, using better oils, and practicing sustainability, we’re able to make cleaner, tastier, and more environmentally friendly snacks. Focusing on what we can do to be a better company is our small way of contributing to a better world. We are scrappy – Danbury, Connecticut kind of scrappy. We make it happen at our snack factory where we own EVERY ingredient, recipe, and process. It’s an East Coast kind of Zen. When wellness guides your spirit, you are your own guru.Brand Values Eco-friendly Organic