NATTIOT Birdy Birdy Children’s Rug


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Peaceful and delicate this little bird exudes full of poetry, don't you think?


Birdy is handmade in a beautiful quality cotton, it will be an item of choice in the room of your little treasure.


Its soft colours have it to easily find its place in the middle of the rest of the decoration. Finally, this comfortable mat is machine washable so don't worry about stains!


Material: 100% Cotton/Non-slip Back Colours: ecru background, blush pink pattern, beige and apricot detail.

Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm (without finishes) 100 x 170 cm or 4 ft 11 in (including finishes)

Velvet height: 11 mm

Easy care material, machine washable

Made in India


Now let's come to the argument that probably made you choose this rug: you chose a washable rug and you did well because it will greatly facilitate your life!