NFco Biodegradable Floss Picks 45 Pac


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WHY IT’S SO AMAZING! Complete your oral care routine with our NEW NFco Friendly Flossers with Plastic Free Cornstarch handles and a natural mint flavour. 45 Eco-Friendly, individually wrapped floss picks Plastic Free, compostable cornstarch handles and packaging Recyclable floss with natural mint flavour Free from harmful chemicals No PFAS or Teflon-like chemicals Slides easily between teeth 100% Vegan Directions: Hold floss pick between fingers. Gently guide floss between your teeth. Floss in a gentle back & forth, up & down motion alongside every tooth. After each use remove floss from handle, dispose in waste bin and compost handle. Caution: Adult supervision is recommended under age 10. Biodegradable handle with recyclable floss. Free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, PFAS or Teflon-like chemicals.