Nook Pebble Crib Mattress Cover


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Nook Baby Sleep Safe Mattress and Pillows Austin


As parents, Nook knows a back up of just about anything can be a real lifesaver. No matter
which Nook Sleep System mattress you own (Pure, Dream Cotton or Air), an extra Pebble
SafeSleep™ Crib Mattress Cover will always come in handy. Equipped with Nook’s 3D
SafeSleep™ Technology, the Pebble Cover is designed for breathability while protecting the
mattress from inevitable messes like diaper leeks, spit up and cute baby drool.

 Water and Stain Resistant
 Machine Washable
 Organic Cotton is soft to the touch
 Eucalyptus fibers keeps baby cool and comfortable

Nook is company of Moms and Dads committed to offering safe, breathable, sustainable,
comfortable and long-lasting products that will make the parenting journey easier. From sleep
time to feeding time, and all the times in between, Nook welcomes you into a community of
parents that love their kids, care about the earth and strive to make the world a better place, one
Pebble at a time.

Dimension: 53” x 28” x 4”

Weight: 2 lbs.


Cover Materials: Organic Cotton, Organic
Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton/Non-Toxic Poly
Blend, Zinc-Infused, Easy-Close Nylon

Compatible Products:
Pebble Pure Crib Mattress Sleep System
Pebble Dream Cotton Crib Mattress Sleep System
Pebble Air Crib Mattress Sleep System

Care Instructions:
Turn cover inside out and zip up. Machine wash cover alone in cold water with mild detergent.
Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Do not use fabric softener, chlorine bleach or dryer sheets.



It was important to us that we use truly organic materials wherever possible, and we place these materials where they matter most – next to our babies’ sleeping faces. We looked closely at every detail – from the sleep surface to the zipper – and tested, analyzed, questioned and refined each element that would go into making our crib mattress as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible. If fabrics weren’t available, we created them ourselves. We even took the manufacturing process and packaging materials into consideration.

We also wanted to make sure this mattress continued to be comfortable for our babies as they became toddlers, so we came up with a unique dual-sided design – a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.

Nook Baby Sleep Safe Mattress and Pillows Austin

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