Texas Musicians Coloring Book Vol. 2


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Howdy! I’m Sara Hickman! I'm a recording artist who started writing songs at 6. I've released 21 albums, appeared twice on the Tonight Show, sang a duet with John Prine (and George Burns!), made Barry White laugh, had a green snake named Jeff Goldblum and I've been singing the Popeye's jingle for 10 years! After I was State Musician of Texas (between Willie and Lyle), I started making art again. It took me two years to create this hand drawn coloring book – because I love the musicians of Texas! This is VOLUME TWO! So, you can buy Volume One, as well!

Anyhoo, put AWAY your phone, gather friends and fam, your fave colored pencils, learn some cool facts, share some laughs and get zen!

Love + Thanks! Sara