Thirsties Play Pad


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Soft, absorbent, waterproof



  • Top layer: 100% polyester microfleece
  • Middle layer: 100% polyester microfiber terry
  • Bottom layer: 100% polyester with urethane coating
  • Measurements: 28"W x 33.5"H



From tummy time to naps on the couch, the three layers in Thirsties’ Play Pad provide a soft, absorbent, waterproof surface to change your baby no matter where you are!

Proudly manufactured in the USA



100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate, 100% polyester microfiber terry, & 100% polyester microfleece



Before Use: Wash once with a cloth diaper safe detergent.


At Every Wash Cycle:

  • Prewash on warm
  • Wash on hot
  • Add another rinse on warm.
  • Hang dry or dry in the dryer on low.


Important Notes:

Use enough water to soak and cover the diapering items and allow them to agitate.


Please Avoid the Following:

  • Laundry boosters/additives
  • Sanitize or Whites cycles on HE machines
  • High heat in the dryer
  • Pure Soap
  • Bleach


These practices and/or additives can void the warranty on your Thirsties products. A 15 minute cycle on hot in the dryer once a month is beneficial to lamination, and will not void your warranty.


Please find our complete care instructions in our Customer Center -> Care and Use.




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