Wooden Rainbow Ornament


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Once upon a time, beyond the seven seas and seven mountains was a tiny village in a big forest. In this village were seven huts where there lived seven families. They had nothing but trees around them, time… and a talent for craft.

The tradition of making wooden ornaments started in the 17th century, before Christmas trees even came to Poland. People used to decorate their ceilings with ornaments made out of things that mother earth gave them.These ornaments are made by shaving petals of aspen wood and with each petal being hand painted, each ornament is slightly different and unique. And the cherry of top, with a beautiful accent of gold glitter on each petal the ornament stands out on your Christmas tree.

Handmade of wood, these are perfect for homes with naughty pets who like to knock the tree down. Although made of wood the ornament is still lightweight.

Suitable as a decoration all year round!

Made in Poland