Yogasleep Travel Mini (Gray)


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The Yogasleep Travel Mini Gray Sound Machine combines robust white noise options and a night light in one sleek and lightweight pocket-sized device, ready for travel anywhere. From the sleep products company with 50+ years of experience, the travel mini offers six soundtracks created to promote relaxation and improve your sleep environment, including white noise, brown noise, and three nature-inspired sounds (Gentle Surf, Stream, and Thunderstorm.) The soft amber night light features three dimmable options and is engineered to the right tone and brightness as to not interrupt your sleep cycles. The Travel Mini features a USB rechargeable battery and soft lanyard, making it perfect for at-home usage in your bedroom or nursery and or travel. Please note: This sound machine is intended for portable use and must be turned off and unplugged every 14 days. If not turned off and unplugged, the unit may freeze or experience impacts to performance.

2.5″ l x 2.5″ w x 1.8″ h