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Having been around the block a time or two on this parenting train, we are more than knowledgeable about what is needed for your new bundle; we are experienced. Enlightened Baby’s mission is to offer only top quality products, with the greatest emphasis on sustainability, ease of use, longevity and safety. Not only can you expect the best from Enlightened Baby, you’ll find we’ve done our research; we’re not trying to offer the whole haystack for you to find the needle- we’re searching for you. We don’t believe in an overwhelming supply of options to urge you into overspending and over-crowding your sacred space. You’re not some market to be captured. You’re an enlightened being looking for the best. We only have one caliber of product and that’s excellent. We define excellent as:

  • Considerate of the planet and all its inhabitants, including sustainable practices, ethical business interests and conscious/ reusable packaging.
  • Natural, period. Not just as an option, but the only option.
  • Safety: products surviving the test of time and accuracy. Tried and tested and tested again.
  • Useful beyond tomorrow.
  • Simplicity: uncomplicated and easy to use.

We don’t think of you as consumers to be sold to- but as a community to belong to. We thank you for the trust and opportunity to share in this exciting journey with you and hope that you too find the community and contentment through Enlightened Baby, as so many of our families (now friends!) have.

We Are Eco Packers

Whitney LeBlanc: Mama to Hazel & Cypress, Enlightened Baby Owner, Store Manager

Michelle Yates: Mama to Evan and Emerson; Product Lead & Store Manager

Bobbie Braverman: Mama to Logan; Inventory Support & Store Associate

Shane LeBlanc: Papa to Hazel & Cypress; Behind the Scenes Support & Muscle

Employment Application

Enlightened Baby- Austin, TX The listed position below is part-time, available immediately. Please complete the questions thereafter to assess your skills and interests. Thank You for applying!
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please select the work times you ARE available, where: AM means 9:30-2:30 and PM means 1:30- 6:30
  • Please select your experience in the following, using the scale.
    Inexperienced (Never touched it)Somewhat experienced (I've dabbled in it)experienced (I'm comfortable, leaning should be easy)Extremely experienced (I could do it in my sleep)
    Inventory Counting
    Customer Service in a Face-to-Face environment
    Customer Service Over the Phone
    Cash Register/ Money Handling
    Apple/ Mac products (iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs)
    Cloth Diapering
    Baby Wearing
    Time Management
    Corporate Social Media (FB, IG, Pinterest and Twitter)
    Gift Wrapping
    Product & Supply Restocking
  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNot ApplicableAgreeStrongly agree
    I intend on Bringing my NON-MOBILE infant to work with me:
    I have a plan for care for mh baby (away from the store), when my baby becomes mobile (crawling and onward):
    I am comfortable with mild housekeeping, including dusting, taking trash/recycling out and bathroom upkeep:
  • Please upload your resume, including at least 3 non-family member references. Any applications submitted without references will not be considered.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc.