Babyark The Convertible Car Seat



The new standard in seat safety brings together performance engineering, protective design, and the highest-grade materials for unparalleled protection and comfort.

– For newborns to 6-year-olds
– Rear-facing (4-55lbs) and forward-facing (26.5-65lbs) positions
– Carbon fiber and steel core
– Innovative energy absorption technology pioneered by the military
– Simple app-guided installation
– Fire retardant materials with no added chemicals
– Easy zip-off and on, machine wash


An ecosystem of safety

The babyark safety system consists of 3 parts:
the seat, base and mobile app. Together they work in perfect harmony to keep your baby safe and secure at all times.


The Seat

A sturdy carbon fiber frame shields a cozy interior of specialized alpha gel to cradle baby in energy-absorbing comfort.


The Base

The base of the seat tracks your progress, illuminating each step as you complete it.


The App

Verify that your seat is connected, securely installed, and that your child is buckled in safely.


Features at a Glance

absorption coils

Patented side
protection system

Carbon fiber

Rear and
forward facing


child alert

to the car

Cup holder

Soft chest clip

infant insert





Dimensions (W x H x L): 17.3 x 25.5 x 27 in

Weight: Base 20 lbs / Seat 25 lbs

Recline Positions: 9

Headrest Positions: 11

Connection Features: Rigid LATCH, Seat belt

Fabrics: FR free fabrics Naturally flame resistant



Expiration Date: None

ForeverSafe™ Warranty: Included

App: OS / Android



Height Limitations: Overall – 49 in / 124 cm

Weight Limitations:
Overall – 4-65 lbs
Rear-facing 4-55 lbs
Forward-facing – 26.5-65 lbs


Engineered for safety

babyark provides multiple layers of protection that work together to keep baby cozy and safe at all times.


Energy absorbing coils

The SafeCoil™ technology extends upon impact and absorbs the brunt of the force before it even reaches the seat and the baby.


Soft & Safe

babyark uses fire retardant materials with no added chemicals that are unbelievably soft to touch.


Safe installation.
each & every time.

The babyark app guides you with simple, step-by-step installation while the seat’s LED-light system provides visual confirmation that you’ve done everything safely and successfully.


Forget me not

The babyark app has a built-in life-saving feature that prevents you from forgetting to take the most important passenger in the car


Goes with (almost) every car

babyark is designed to fit in over 80% of all cars.


What makes babyark the world’s safest seat?

babyark is the only car seat with active energy-absorption technology, led by the innovative SafeCoil™ and BioArk™ side-impact protection systems. The seat is built from carbon fiber and D3O™ , the world's most advanced shock-absorbing polymer. On top of all this, our SmrtGide™ installation system ensures the seat is properly installed and all safety features fully optimized, each and every ride.


What kind of tests were conducted to ensure the seat’s safety standards?

We performed over 200 crash tests, testing an almost endless range of impact criteria such as HIC (head injury criteria) and chest acceleration at multiple speeds (exceeding regulation requirements), as well as different children weights for front, side and diagonal impacts. Of these, the 16 crash tests required by regulation were certified by a world leader in independent safety testing.


How do I use the mobile app to safely install the convertible seat?

You will first need to download the app to your mobile device. Once you've signed in and connected your babyark to your mobile device, you simply need to follow the instructions. The app will configure the seat to your baby's age, and guide you through each step of the seat installation.


Can the babyark app also prevent me from forgetting my child?

Yes. The sensors in the car seat that are connected to the mobile app identity if your baby is still in the seat and will notify you immediately.


Does babyark install using a LATCH or a seatbelt?

babyark is installed using a rigid LATCH, which is not only the safest way to secure the car seat, but also required to activate the SafeCoil ™ energy absorption mechanism. It’s important to note however that once the baby exceeds 20lbs or once you change the seat’s position to front-facing (whichever comes first) you need to add the seat belt as well as an extra measure of caution.


Can I install the car seat both front and rear facing?

Yes, the babyark seat can be installed both rear and front facing depending on the child’s age and weight. For infants and small toddlers the seat should be rear facing, while for children who weigh more than 45lbs it should ‘convert’ to front facing position.


How come the babyark seat doesn’t have an expiry date?

As the babyark chassis is made of non-degradable carbon fiber and steel that are built to last, there is no need for an expiry date. The car seat is immune to wear and tear and was tested in the harshest weather and pressure conditions. Furthermore, babyark offers a complimentary maintenance service check after 10 years from the moment of purchase to ensure that all parts are indeed working properly.


What is the babyark 100-day free trial policy?

We want to make sure you’re absolutely sure. So, if at any point during the first 100 days upon purchase you’re not sure, you can send your babyark  back. No hassle, no questions asked.



Additional information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions30 × 19 × 19 in

Eggshell Base/Moonlight Seat, Charcoal Grey Base/ Glacier Ice Seat, Charcoal Grey Base/ Midnight Blue Seat, Eggshell Base/ Midnight Blue Seat